>>>Corporate Wellness Programs

Personalized Fitness in the Convenience of Your Home or Office

The pro active way to healthy programs for the corporate arena

Fred Foster Fitness knows you value your employees, but with longer working days and demanding, stressful environments, employees accumulate anxieties and stress similar to your management.

Fred Foster Fitness has established a number of programs to reverse the effects of stress and high pressured work and lifestyle environments that can be very unhealthy for your employees. Our focus is helping to achieve a balance in the lives of employees and managers, by keeping them at there optimum fitness, and providing healthy weight loss programs, along with balanced diets and nutritional programs. We provide motivation to increase self achievement with balance and support for the whole team.

Whether we are managing an on-site center for you or not, we can provide:

  • Targeted health screenings such as blood pressure, total cholesterol, and glucose levels
  • Biometric screenings such as body fat, fitness levels, strength, and overall Health Risk Assessment (HRA)
  • We offer seminars on Stress Management, Diabetes Prevention, Smoking Cessation, Weight Management, Back Health & Proper Posture, Reaching Your Health Potential
  • Health fairs to provide early detection and prevention of disease.
  • Customized long-term integrated health plans which target high cost issues in your organization
  • Corporate wellness programs designed specifically to help improve productivity and reduce health care costs in your workplace environment.

Fred Foster Fitness Company Corporate Wellness Clients

Best Friends Foundation; Washington, DC
Bullis School; Potomac, MD
Equity Office (formerly Carr America Real Estate Services); Washington, DC
Concord Hill School; Chevy Chase, MD
Financial Industry Regulatory Association (formerly NASD); Rockville, MD
Optical Society of America; Washington, DC
Winston's Chimney Service; Kensington, MD