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Personalized Fitness in the Convenience of Your Home or Office

Fred Foster

The Fred Foster Fitness Company has been the leading fitness consultant company serving the Washington metropolitan area for over a decade. A pioneer in the concept of in-home personal training and work site wellness programs, FFFC has developed a functional, real world, easy to learn program designed to get you into the best shape of your life WITH OR WITHOUT EQUIPMENT. Because to FFFC everything is fitness equipment...the floor, a wall, a chair, the stairs, a broomstick, your kid's toys, a can of peas....it does not matter. We get results!

Fred Foster Fitness is a full-service fitness consulting company offering personal fitness training, group training instruction, sport-specific conditioning programs, pre & post-rehabilitative services, and a corporate wellness lecture series. Training can be done anytime and anywhere: day or night, inside or outside, home, office or gym. Our specially trained fitness instructors have all the tools necessary to help you reach your goal; no matter the challenge.