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Meditative Walking

Start Position
Find yourself a quiet, peaceful place. This could be your garden, a local park or if neither of these is available to you, your home when it is empty of all other occupants.

Start walking slowly in any direction timing your breath to your steps. Take a deep, slow abdominal breathe for your first four steps then, hold your breath for one step before exhaling for four steps. If you find this too challenging reduce your inhalation and exhalation to three steps. Counting your steps helps you to keep your mind clear from all other thoughts (particularly stressful ones) and allows your nervous system and hence you to relax. Walking meditation should be completed for at least 15 minutes to give the body a chance to relax.

Stress can have untold negative effects on the body from causing fatigue, headaches and neck pain to irritable bowel syndrome and increased blood pressure. Meditative walking is a fantastically easy and accessible way to start to combat stress. Try the exercise for 15 minutes everyday and after a couple of weeks you will not have to ask what the benefits are as you will already be feeling them!